Our Program

These kids need a hero – someone to share their stories so the court can order services and structures for a safe, healthy future.

Did you know?

In King County, there are two kinds of cases in which volunteer CASAs are appointed. CASAs are appointed in family law custody cases or dependency (foster care) cases.These are separate independent programs following different legal procedures.

Family law custody cases involve children caught in the middle of high-risk custody cases between their parents and sometimes their family members. Neither the child nor the parents receive state-provided supportive or protective services. The children we serve are from lower income homes within King County. Issues impacting the child include domestic violence, addiction, mental illness, neglect and more.

Dependency cases involve children who are generally placed in foster care while the child and family receive state-provided services including oversight from a case manager or social worker.  The King County Dependency CASA Program is a separate program designed to help children facing similar trauma in addition to child abuse through a different and separate legal process.

By connecting families with services and establishing clear schedules and structures, we hope to divert struggling families away from any progression toward state intervention. Ideally, services and structures recommended by volunteer advocates will help families heal in order to promote a safe, healthy and bright future for the child.

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