Become a CASA Advocate

To be a CASA volunteer, a person must have a strong desire to work on the behalf of children.

Advocates come from all walks of life, careers, ages, backgrounds and demographics to serve as Court Appointed Special Advocates. To volunteer as a CASA, you must:

• Be 21 years of age or older
• Have no criminal record
• Have access to a car and the ability to drive to/from appointments
• Own and be able to use a computer, including email
• Must speak and write in English, and have good communication skills and strong writing ability
• Have time available to investigate the case & write reports by the court-specified due dates

To become an advocate a person must submit a complete application and participate in an interview with CASA staff members. You may apply online or request an application to be sent to you in the mail. The application includes a personal profile, work history, background information (criminal, driving, volunteer) and requires three references and a 500 word response about why you wish to volunteer on behalf of children.

Once a completed application is submitted, we will schedule an interview. We will notify applicants after the interview if they have been accepted into the training. Those volunteers accepted into the program then begin the training process.

New Advocate Training

Family Law CASA trains volunteers so you are prepared and equipped for your role. If you are accepted into the program, you must undergo a three-day, 21-hour, state-mandated training. The training curriculum includes interviewing techniques, background on family law, substance abuse, child development and domestic violence topics, as well as other critical issues.Trainings are scheduled  four times a year.

The next advocate training will take place July 27-29, 2017. For questions related to training, please call the office at 206-748-9700 or email

Complete the Advocate Application Form.