Legal Resources

Family Law Orientation (FLO)
King County Superior Court

An overview of filing and finalizing a family law case, the FLO is mandatory for parties without attorneys in RCW 26.09 cases.

King County Bar Association Lawyer Referral (legal services)

King County Family Law Facilitators
Seattle: 206-477-2553
Kent: 206-477-2781

Provides help with filling out legal forms.

King County Protection Order Advocacy Program
Regional Justice Center: 206-205-7406
Seattle: 206-296-9547

Provides help with Domestic Violence Protection Orders.

Lawyers Fostering Independence Initiative
phone: 206-696-7503, extension 17

Program for foster youth who have "aged out" of the system.

Northwest Immigrant Rights Project

Help for refugees or immigrants with immigration issues

Northwest Justice Project

Provides numerous legal resources.

Legal Voices

Website contains downloadable packets on family law issues

Moderate Means Program
Toll-free: 800-945-WSBA (9722)
Local: 206-443-WSBA (9722)

Provides "moderate fee" legal services.

Washington Family Law Reporter

Washington State CASA