Meet Our Advocates

Here is what CASA volunteers say about the work they do for children:

“We, as CASA volunteers, are often times the only person in a custody case that is looking out for no one else's interests other than those of the children involved. We are advocates and the voice for those who would otherwise really have no say in the outcome of the proceedings. We enjoy a unique position in that we are not beholden to anyone other than the obligation to make sound recommendations about what would be best for the children.”

A compilation of quotes from our CASA volunteers:

I seek to:

    Provide the child with the best possible chance for a childhood and a productive life.

    Provide the parents of the child with the support and resources they need to parent effectively.

    Involve all the family, if appropriate, in the nurturing of the child and his/her parents.

    Involve community resources, especially schools, in providing care for the child and parents.

    Protect the child from adulthood.

    Protect the child from the in-fighting between parents and other family members.

    Restore the child’s sense of self.

    Touch the child in a positive way, giving the child a glimpse of wonderful future that awaits, so the child can have a hope.

    Care about the child in a mature and healthy manner, demonstrating to the child the respect the child deserves.