Supervised Visitation Services

Family Law CASA does not endorse or support any of the organizations named below; the information is simply provided to assist those seeking resources. The list may not be complete.

ABC Visitation Services, LLC
Jaclin Natario-Mairs
South King and Pierce County; also offer services in Eastern Washington

Office: 253-815-6666
Cell: 253-202-6666
Hours: 7 days a week (Sunday-Saturday) 8am-10:00pm (including travel)  
Cost: $35 to $150/hour
Services: Offers basic supervision, supervised transfers, transportation and parent mentoring with a DV specialization. Mobile and Onsite services (limited onsite depending on needs of clients).
Additional Information: Offers supervised visitation training geared towards training volunteer family members or friends to oversee visitations (inquire for cost). Mobile certified mediation services (inquire for cost).

A Kat’s Eye Supervised Visitation Service
8490 Mukilteo Speedway, Suite 107
Mukilteo, WA 98275
Phone: 425- 238-3740
Fax: 425-710-0335
Hours: By appointment only
Cost: $85 set-up fee, $45/hour. Charges based on visits that commence and end at the visitation office in Mukilteo. Should it be necessary to travel to a different location, travel time will be billed accordingly. Any services which require the supervisor to travel from visitation center shall result in mileage charges of $.58 per mile and an hourly fee of $22.50. Note off site note transcription is billed $18 per hour. Holiday visitations are $70.00/hour. Visitation exchange costs vary depending on location, on-Site at facility $30.00 Flat fee. Discounted rate may apply for parents who 1) are income eligible 2) are in compliance with all court orders 3) and have shown efforts at rehabilitation regarding their specific court ordered issues.
Additional Information: In the event the visitation supervisor is required to appear for court proceedings the requesting party will be billed as follows:
Within Snohomish County- flat fee of $60.00 per hour at court, minimum of 1 hour
Outside of Snohomish County- $70.00 per hour while at court plus travel time
Time for reviewing the file prior to testimony will be at $30.00 per hour.

Anne Kelly
Phone: (206) 412-4633
Hours: Weekends, weekdays and occasional holidays.
Cost: $40-$50 per hour, slight sliding scale.
Serves: Mostly north and west Seattle.
Additional Information: 25 years of experience, training in non-violent communication work. Provides detailed reports for visits.

At Indaba
2800 E Madison St., #208
Seattle, WA 98112

Phone: (206) 860-3133


Administrative Hours: Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm

Supervised Visits & Exchanges by appointment 7 days a week. Located in Seattle's Madison Park Neighborhood and just minutes from downtown as well as downtown Bellevue, At Indaba offers in office as well as on site mobile supervision and exchange services throughout the Puget Sound area.  At Indaba is staffed by social work and child advocacy professionals with advanced training and masters degrees in social work, counseling, psychology and related fields and are well trained in providing fair and honest treatment to all parties. At Indaba documents all supervised visits as well as generates detailed reports.

Brady Roy
Phone: 206-790-2087
Hours: Mainly weekends, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, weekdays by appointment.
Cost: $40/hour includes travel time and notes.
Services: Provides mobile and onsite services in South King County and Pierce County
Additional Information: Brady has a BS in anthropology and has worked in residential treatment facilities for children and adolescents. He has been supervising for three years for Toni Napoli Counseling Services. He is now taking referrals.

Break Through Learning Center
9500 Roosevelt Way NE #205
Seattle, WA 98115
Phone: (206) 931-6510
Hours: Monday-Friday 9am to 3 pm, Saturday and Sunday by appointment.

Cost: $75 Consultation, $60 per hour (minimum 2 hours per visit), add $50 per hour holidays.

Monthly clients: $50 per week admin fee for 10+ hours per week (includes scheduling supervision notes, emails/calls, limited coaching).

Travel: $25 per offsite visit in King County

Exchanges: $35 per single exchange, $65 two exchanges same day.

Additional Information: Provides onsite and limited King County offsite supervision. We define supervised visitation as situations where a third party, usually specified by a court, is present to record individual interactions between parent and children. Monitored visitation may occur when there is a need to protect children due to allegations of substance abuse, child abuse or neglect, family violence, or other conflict issues. It may also be used when children are getting to know a previously absent parent (reunification) or when parents are learning to interact with special needs children. All supervisors are trained observers and maintain a non-judgmental, caring attitude toward all parents and children. The Learning Center provides written reports, parent consultations and parent coaching upon request.

Children First Supervised Visitation Agency
Jonathan Milstein
Phone: 206-491-2452
Areas Served: King County
Hours: 7 days per week
Cost: $40-$50/hour
Children First only utilizes professional social workers to supervise all visitation and supervised exchanges in King County. Within 72 hours of the visit, a report is sent to all parties. Member of Supervised Visitation Network.

Clearwater Child & Family Services
18717 70th St. Ct. KPS, 
Longbranch, WA, 98351
Phone: 253-884-3017
Hours: Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.
Cost: Sliding Scale
Additional information: Supervision, visitation, and transportation services.
Focus: Foster children and their families.

Community Family Services
1911 SW Campus Drive, #482
Federal Way, WA 98023
Phone: 253-927-4331
Hours: 7 days a week – 8:00am-8:00pm
Cost: Monday-Sunday: $40 an hour; Holidays $50 an hour; Transportation Supervisor: $60 an hour; Supervised Exchange: $30; Credit cards accepted.
Additional Information: Serving South King County and Pierce County. Experienced in high conflict, high-risk and domestic violence cases as well as parental reunification. We support children and families who have been affected by divorce, separation, abuse, neglect or violence. Our focus is to provide a safe and nurturing place for children to visit with their families in a supervised setting under the guidance of a trained supervisor. 

Debbie Gallagher, B.A.

Phone: (206) 501-0652


Hours: 7 days a week
Areas Served: Seattle and Eastside

Cost: Intake-$50, Supervised Visitation $50-$60, Reports $20
Services: Mobile Supervised Visitation, Parent Coaching, Therapeutic re-unification

Additional Information: Utilize over 20 years of social work experience to provide unbiased supervised visitation. Specialized training in therapeutic supervision through parent coaching. B.A Family & Community Services. Extensive professional experience ensuring child safety in high conflict and abuse situations. Experienced and trained in: substance abuse, domestic violence, mental health, parental alienation, high conflict divorce, parental reunification, physical, mental, and child sexual abuse, parental alienation, sexual deviancy. Culturally competent. Former GAL in juvenile and family court. Expertise in concise detailed reports

Member of: Supervised Visitation Network and Washington Chapter Association of Family and Conciliation Courts

Dylan McLeod
Phone: (206) 486-0642
Hours: 7 days a week; 8am to 10pm (including travel)
Cost: $35 to $65 hourly; fee determined on a case by case basis, based on details of the case, location and reporting requirements
Services: Provides monitored and supervised visitation services in the Greater Seattle area. Provides mobile services to accommodate parties' location. Also provides visitation schedule and location coordination, exchange and child transport services as needed.

Additional Information: This supervisor possesses over a decade of experience as a child advocate working with health & human services organizations across the country. While specializing in DV, parental alienation and suspected abuse cases, this supervisor offers services to families of all backgrounds. Pertinent experience includes working closely with Family Law Attorneys, AGAs, GALs, Parenting Evaluators and Parenting Coaches, CASAs as well as Mental Health Service Providers and Family Reunification Counselors.

Families First of Washington
13470 Martin Luther King Way S.
Renton, WA 98178
Located directly on bus line - Metro Bus #101
Phone: 206-772-5995
Fax: 425-458-2342
Hours: 7 days a week 8am - 9pm
Cost: $25 - $35 per hour  
Safe and comfortable facility in Renton
Service also provided throughout Greater Puget Sound Area
Additional Information: Exchange services also provided. Our safety logistics were designed by law enforcement professionals with all party’s safety in mind. Our homelike environment is very comfortable for children to include a family play room, kitchen facilities and outdoor play area.
Families First follows the National Supervised Visitation Network Guidelines. Families First also offers numerous other services. See website for more details.   

Free-Lance Service
Elaine Babcock and Associates
Phone: (425) 745-2074
Cell: (206) 412-4366
Hours: Flexible
Cost: $50 an hour
Mobile and Onsite services
Additional Information: 22 years experience working in high conflict family law matters which include but are not limited to graduate of the Parenting Evaluation and Treatment Program at the University of Washington, serving as a Title 26 Guardian Ad Litem in over 140 cases, former CASA volunteer,  background in providing Basic and Family Mediation Services (Training through University of Washington), Associates in Technical Arts Degree in both Legal Assisting and Legal Administration as well as extensive background in working with families with mental health issues, domestic violence, sexual deviancy, PAS, reunification, etc. Associates include extensive experience in early childhood development, education, and teaching parenting classes.

Helping Hands Visitation Services
Phone: 253-298-2379

Cost: $50 one time intake fee, $35/hour weekdays, $45/hour weekends. Mileage charge $.35/mile.  Holiday visitations are $65/hour. Visitation exchanges are a flat fee of $35/hr. Sliding scale available for low income families.

For more detailed information and information about further services provided, please see website listed above. 

It Takes a Village Family Services 
1707 S 341st Pl , #C
Federal Way, WA 98003
Phone: 253-838-3111
Hours: Flexible and based on need
Cost: Intake is $50, $25 per hour; DV intervention at $50 for intake and $20 per class, or a discounted rate of $50 per month for low income men.
Mobile and Onsite services
Additional Information: Also provides domestic violence intervention for men at a discounted rate. Will be doing CD treatment beginning in August as well as ADIS, consumer awareness.

Jacki Stroh
Snohomish County
8490 Mukilteo Speedway, #203
Mukilteo, WA 98275
Phone: 425-232-4476
Fax: 425-356-6515

Hourly is $35 per hour and $50 for court testimony
Hours: Variable, normally not past 7:30pm
Additional Information: Prefer not to do on site.

Jennene Christine
Phone: 206-459-7527
Hours: Primarily Weekends
Cost: $40 per hour, reports are an additional $20, no sliding scale provided
Services: Provides supervised visitation services, primarily on the weekends, on the eastside (Bellevue, Redmond, Woodinville and in Snohomish County between Marysville to Lynwood and north Seattle). Provides supervision in the community or in the visiting parents’ home, if allowed by the court. Also offers limited exchange services, no long distance transporting of children.
Additional Information: 15 years of experience providing supervision with degrees in psychology and speech communication. 15 years as a Snohomish County Family Court Investigator and currently does court appointed Guardian ad litem work for Snohomish County.

Multicultural Family Services
Phone: 253-272-0812
Hours: 7 days a week, 8am-9pm (flexible depending on the needs of the case)
Cost: $20 intake fee, plus $35/hour for supervised visit and travel time
Services: Provides Mobile and On-Site supervised visitation and custody exchange services for Pierce, King, Thurston, Kitsap and Mason counties. Multi-lingual staff (Spanish, Vietnamese, Russian).

1212 South Eleventh Suite 26
Tacoma, WA 98405
Phone: 253-209-1712
Fax: 253-475-9056

Hours: 7 days a week, Sunday to Saturday 8:00am to the last visitation ending by 8:00pm with the possibility of 9:00pm depending on age of child.  
Cost: $60 for two hours plus $20 for each additional hour (two hour minimum). $20 for monitored exchange.   
Mobile and Onsite services - mobile visitation is usually within a 15 mile radius from main office, outside of the radius may cost extra.
Additional Information: A written report can be provided for the courts starting at $65. Services provided to King, Pierce, Thurston, and Kitsap counties. Located right off of bus rotue 28 and 51.

Patricia J. Lusby
3507 S. 281st Street
Auburn, WA 98001
Phone: (253) 777-8280
Hours: Weekdays during daytime and evening, weekends and holidays.
Cost: $35-$50 per hour, taking low income into account and also considering travel time and gas expenses.
Serves: Provides mainly mobile services but have an office setting available in West Seattle. Serves the greater Seattle area and Tacoma.
Additional Information: Trained CASA volunteer. Advanced training in Domestic violence and DAWN volunteer.

SECOUR Family Reunification Center

Phone: (425)673-7165

Locations:  King, Pierce & Snohomish County (Main office is on the Edmonds waterfront)

Therapeutically supervised visitation by licensed  therapists & social workers with expertise in family court cases.  Therapeutic Visitation (THV) is helpful when an added emphasis on parental coaching, reunification, or clinical impressions and documentation will help a case move forward.  THV may be more interactive than standard supervised visitation, depending on the needs of the parent and child.  Our Edmonds beachfront location offers spacious indoors and outdoor waterfront setting.  

To get started: Call our intake line at (425)673-7165.  Intakes available same week.

Selene Becker and Associates
Phone: 425-466-3837
Hours: Flexible weekdays and weekends based on case needs.
Cost: Intake fee: $50; basic supervision $45 hr.; therapeutic and reunification $55 per hr.; holidays $60; exchanges: to be determined.

Additional Information: Available on the Eastside. Provides onsite services. Experienced in domestic violence, drug abuse, parental alienation, sexual deviancy and high risk cases. We provide a safe and positive environment for supervised visitation that is structured to support families during this stressful time.

Susi Bryant
Lake Forest Park, WA
Phone: (206) 779-5324
Serves: No travel charges for visits in: North Seattle, Lake Forest Park, Shoreline, Edmonds, Mountlake Terrace, Lynnwood and South Everett. Some areas of King and Snohomish Counties may involve travel charges.